Mexico City in the Summer? Pack these important things.

Mexico City in the Summer? Pack these important things.

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I hope this comes as no surprise to you, but the summer months in Mexico City are the rainy season.

Beautiful mornings, lead to cloudy afternoons, and raining evenings. Rinse and repeat every day. Do not play yourself and pack for Mexico City like you're packing for Cancun. I've seen I happen before and the results are unfortunate.

Most people here have acclimated to the weather, so you will not see a lot of rain gear. And if you dress like the girl on the salt container, you will stand out. So here are my recommendations for being cute and blending in in the capital city.

Cute rain boots

I've been here for months and haven't seen anyone in tall rain boots. I grabbed some shorties like these and I love them. I can wear them before it starts raining and not look like an outlier, and once the rain begins, I'm set.

Other people here go for the shoe covers. Yes, they look like shoe condoms, but they are a great choice if you're packing light and don't want to stuff boots into your luggage.

A rain coat that doesn't look so rainy.

Once again, you're going to want to blend in a bit. You're also going to want to remember that it gets pretty cold in the evenings because of the elevation. Get a cute, light rain coat that you can wear all day.

A Scarf

Layers will be your best friend in the city, so back accordingly. Warm afternoons and cool evenings can catch you off guard while you're sightseeing, so come prepared. I love this one and it can double as a head scarf, sarong, and a variety of other things.


Don't forget your umbrella. This travel umbrella is lightweight, fits in your hand when closed, and comes in more colors than you could ever need. It’s the perfect umbrella for anyone traveling with a carryon only.

Fanny Pack

After traveling for a year, I've decided that my favorite way to carry my things is no longer a purse but a fanny pack. If you don't like my style choices, you can blame that on my wallet getting stolen in Vietnam. We learn, and we adjust.

Here are my favorite fanny pack choices:

This flat one is perfect to hide under a shirt.

This one is huge, in case you need to carry 8 cans of soda with you (or an umbrella, scarf, wallet and other essentials).

And I love this one for the days you need something a bit more fashionable.

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Comfortable walking shoes:

Mexico City is a city that inspires a lot of walking. If the shoes you're thinking of packing aren't super comfortable all day, put them back in the closet, not in your suitcase. I can walk all day in my Rothy’s, and they are my favorite shoes for trekking around a city. I have Marigold round toe Rothy’s, but I’m looking at these as my next pair. Oh, and if you’re not already using Ebates/Rakuten, use my affiliate link to sign up and get 5% of your Rothy’s AND $10 back after your first purchase.


As far as actual clothes go, here but my recommendations are:

Nothing that skims the ground - unless it's for an event or photos. Anything else isn't realistic here. You don't want to see that grime at the end of the day.

Your favorite comfortable clothes to wear during early fall. Yep, this is a post for packing in the summertime. But trust me, keep early fall in the US in mind, and you won't go wrong.

Activated Charcoal:

I take this bottle of activated charcoal everywhere I go. I hardly ever need charcoal, but that time (again in Vietnam) when my stomach was acting up, a couple of hours before a flight, I was glad I had it. I haven't eaten anything in Mexico City that has upset my stomach, but you never know when the need will arise.

So there you have it, the complete list of what to pack when you’re coming to Mexico City. Now go forth and prosper. Visit the pyramids, the markets, and eat your heart out..

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