How to Convert Anything, Anywhere, At Any time

How to Convert Anything, Anywhere, At Any time

Top travel app: Globe Convert

“How many bags of chips is that?”

In Santiago, Chile that was how my friend and I calculated the cost of anything we wanted to buy. You see, the first night we got there, we were astounded by how expensive the chips were, and that bag of chips became our measuring stick for everything. In Zara, some shirts cost 10 bags of chips, and some shoes cost 20. Because we didn’t forget the price of the bag of chips ($3.50 USD), it was a pretty easy conversion to the US Dollar.

But just in case you aren’t feeling “chip math” I have an easier solution for you. A much easier solution.

Globe Convert.

Globe Convert is one of the top five apps I use when I am in a country or when I am booking a trip.

If you’re traveling to multiple countries on your mid-career gap year you will need a method of converting different measurements to ones you understand. Getting it all in one easy app will simplify your life. Globe Convert does that all for you.

Globe Convert is the best free conversion app on the market.

  1. Globe Convert gives you so much more than just currency conversion.

    In foreign countries when we think about conversion apps, we usually think about trying to figure out how far our money will go - but half the time when I’m use my conversion app, I’m using it to translate from miles or feet to metric units so I know how far I have to go. Then there’s getting ready for the airport… Like cool dude, I’m allowed 32kg of luggage, but when I came here my suitcase weighed 50 lbs. Is that more, or less? Do I need to get another suitcase? (yes, this is a real life example - judge yourself). Liquid conversion comes up a lot and I’m not even sure why (It may have had to do with the Cape Town Wine Festival and the bottles we flew out - it’s all pretty blurry). All I know is I’m really happy I can use one complete app to convert all measurements for me. HOW MANY “REAL” DEGREES IS 13 DEGREES CELSIUS? Why is Celsius a thing? But Globe Convert has you covered with temperature conversions.

  2. Globe Convert has Offline functionality

    The app will convert currency (and all other measurements) while you are offline, but the key here is it uses rate of the last successful update. So if you never update the app, and you aren’t using it online, your data may not be accurate. To prevent this from happening, I always try to use the app online before I move to a new location.

  3. Globe Convert has Hourly currency updates.

    So.. I’m kind of torn on this being a top feature. I’ve never been to a place with currency fluctuations so regularly that hourly updates were necessary. But maybe you will. Or maybe you work with currency and need the most accurate information all the time. If so, GodSpeed - this is the app for you. Either way, the info you get will be fresh. So fresh. So you’ll know how much you’re being overcharged when you hear the conversion rate the local store is giving you to take your foreign (to them) currency. Charge it to the game if you can live with the difference and be glad you had a way to find out.

  4. Globe Convert is Perfect For Trip Planning

    When I was sitting in my living room in Thailand, and planning a trip to Bali, the booking site gave me the option of seeing the price is Indonesian Rupiah or Thai Baht. If I was in the US, the site would have given me the option to see the price in US dollars, but based on where my computer was, I had to do that math myself. Globe Convert to the rescue. Flights, hotels, buses, trains, donkeys - I’m never surprised by the cost of anything. I don’t guess or try to do the math in my head, the Globe Convert app is right there on my home screen, waiting for me.

  5. Globe Convert can use your location to identify which currency to Convert for you.

    Easy, Breezy, Beautiful. If you’re not interested in the local currency, simply change it to the right one.

  6. Bonus: There are some other paid features, like "Favorites” where you can save your most used conversions, or a built in calculator, so you can do some math before converting - but…I’m not paying for that, so I can’t tell you how they work. #teamfreeapps

When you start planning and packing for your grown up gap year, don’t forget the things that will make your life easier - and in this day and age - a lot of those will be apps. Globe Convert is a winner you should definitely take with you.

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