The Best Places to Eat in Playa Del Carmen (With A Map) - Updated June 2019

The Best Places to Eat in Playa Del Carmen (With A Map) - Updated June 2019


I strolled down Fifth Avenue with one goal in mind. Fill my belly. One of the great things about Fifth is that there are a ton of restaurant options. And one of the bad things about Fifth is that there are a ton of restaurant options. And they all have someone outside trying to show you a menu and get you to sit down.

I'm usually hesitant about restaurants on Fifth Avenue. They mostly seem like tourist traps, there to overcharge you and give you an inauthentic experience. It's hard enough trying to dodge the guys pushing tequila tastings on you 24 hours a day, but now I've gotta figure out which of these restaurants (with the menus that all look alike are good, and which ones aren't).

Well, guess what? I didn't figure it out. I decided to spend most of my time eating in Playa Del Carmen off the strip. If you're interested in finding food off of Fifth Avenue then this is for you.

Check out 17 of my favorite places to eat in Playa.

Juice & Healthy Places

Chlorofila - This cute vegan restaurant is off the strip and provides an open, comfortable place to go grab something healthy after a night of partying too hard or eating too heavy.

Ojo de Agua - Craving an acai bowl? This is your place. Not only do they serve up healthy meals, but they also sell organic groceries and juices.

Steaks & Meats

Oh Lala - I had one of the best meals in Playa here. The filet was to die for, and the foie gras topping was perfection. It's a little more expensive than your typical Playa restaurant but definitely worth investing in your belly. It's a small place, so try to make reservations.

Harry's Steakhouse- Harry's has the reputation as the best steakhouse in Playa. It's right on 5th Avenue, so its convenient location makes it worth checking out, even if you want to avoid the usual 5th Ave places.

Bovinos - This Brazilian steakhouse is going to give you precisely what you expect, and a little more. The food was delicious and never-ending, but they also have a great wine list and perfect desserts. Don't miss the tiramisu.

Hotels & Beach Clubs

IT Ganesha - The IT Hotel has a pool bar called IT Ganesha. It's the perfect place to sit in the water (yes, on beach loungers IN the pool) and have beautifully prepared but inexpensive food brought to you as you bask in the sunshine. This is a must do.

Mamita's Beach Club - This is the perfect place to watch the ocean, and pretend to work while eating more great food (and drinking). The soft shell crabs there are perfection.

The tostadas from Las Hijas de la Tostada.

The tostadas from Las Hijas de la Tostada.

Live Aqua - Grab a day pass to this all-inclusive hotel and let all the food and drinks you want come your way as you bask in the sunshine. This is definitely a good look.


Calamari de la 10 - My favorite place in Playa for ceviche. It's cheap, it's plentiful, it's fresh, and it's quick. What else could you ask for? Oh yeah, it's also delicious. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Las Hijas de la Tostada - This one is on Fifth, but it’s so good, I’m thowing it in. I gave Hijas de Tostada a chance, and I can say, I'm thrilled I did. The tostadas were tasty, but the drink! Wooo! I had a {NAME OF drink} and it made visiting this chain restaurant worth it.

Local Flavors

El Zorro Plateado - Local produce, delicious cuisine. The Huarachado (pictured above) is my absolute favorite. I ate it about every other day.

Madrez Cafe - A great little locally owned spot across from the Frida Kahlo museum. It's right by the beach, so don't miss breakfast there followed by a seaside stroll.

El Fogon/Don Sirloin - 2 different local taco chains with cheap, tasty eats. Each taqueria has tacos for around 70 cents each, and they have multiple locations. These are great places for late night eats.

Chicharroneria Los Reyes - On 20th, close to the corner of 20th, there is a pork store that sells terrific chicharrones. You can get the skin only, or the skin with some meat attached. You can't go wrong choosing either option.

Fruteria - Between 15th And 20th on CTM, there is a fruteria (Fruit Store) that sells bountiful produce. Everything from basic oranges, apples, and bananas to guavas and dragonfruit. They also sell fresh juice there, so don't miss them on a hot day. There is also a smaller fruteria across the street, so you can alternate which store you patronize.


Amorino's Gelateria (Another 5th Ave exception) OMG!!! I tried Amorino's, and I lost it completely. So, so good. It turns out that they are an international chain based in Italy. Eat The Gelato! Do IT! It’s not cheap, but the quality makes it worth it. I stuck with mango and chocolate sorbet, and their chocolate is one of the best ones I've had in a long time.


Want the food to come to you instead? Check out for restaurant delivery in Playa Del Carmen.

Next time you get hungry in Playa Del Carmen, step off Fifth Avenue and find some delicious local eats in town. There are a lot of great options off the strip.

Click on the picture below to get to a Google map of all the options.


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